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Boonie Scotland

Scotland will exceed your expectations. You see the videos and the magazine features, and you think that the waves are ok in Scotland, and your mate Jeff said he's been there and had a 'tube', or two. After 8 hours on the road, you cross the border. 'We're almost there!' choruses from the backseat. Nope. After 12 hours, you see a sign to Thurso. After 15 hours, you're there. We arrived at 4pm, to head high clean Thurso, 3 other guys out. The sun was shining, boots and a 5/3 was all you needed, and the tone was set. Every day the waves got better, all the way up to 6ft hollow gnarly lefts on a wild slab, to Taz Knight nailing a winter session with two 10 second barrels. The trip was all-time; memories made and most of it captured on film. So here it is, a run down of our trip. Countless unseen clips, footage of the final in the UKPST Thurso Contest, dune surfing, all of it. Enjoy.

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