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Moroc GO GO

So I got a message off Stokesy from Morocco…. Chart looks pumping for Sunday onwards, get out here! Seeing that its only a 3 hour flight to Casablanca I was thinking yeah lets do it, thats easy! What he didn't say was get the 7 hour national express to Gatwick, fly to Casablanca, get a taxi at midnight for 30 minutes into downtown, find a hotel, don't get abducted, get the first train at 8am an hour north to Rabat, don't get robbed, we will meet you at the train station and drive 12 hours south to surf a point, oh and the cars radiator is broken and we cant go faster than 50mph! It sounds like a mission and it was but we were rewarded for our torture! The point was pumping, sun was shinning and just a handful out!

Magreb Dreaming = Sunset Dreaming. This episode is one I have wanted to do since the start for a number of reasons, being a filmmaker the Western Saharan coastline offers so much in the way of culture, landscapes and an abundance of incredible waves but most of all I wanted to put Stokesy on a quality right hand point break to show his mix of progressive surfing with the traditional rail work and style

In one session during the trip (the left hander) we were having a shocker all day, the waves weren't really cooperating and the ones that did Stokesy would be bogging every rail he could find, after hours of flogging a dead horse we stopped for lunch which consisted of a bowl of Lentils and a strong coffee then straight back out there. That was basically the secret formula for going big, he literally couldn't put a foot wrong and got some of the most progressive footage to date! Lentils and Coffee people!

Big thanks to Saber Atmen at without him we would never of surfed the waves we did!

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